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Meet Encore Marijuana Mints

Encore Marijuana Mints

If you haven’t tried a marijuana edible yet, odds are you will. Oral consumption of marijuana has been used for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Edibles are an exploding category, particularly as medical and recreational markets have opened in 30+ states across the U.S., and as COVID-19 has rendered many stoners seeking discreet, odor-free intake methods.

With the multitude of brands available to consumers, it’s hard to know where to start, particularly for newcomers to this alternative medicine. We feel it’s always good to begin with the basics.

Why Choose Edibles

Edibles are a coveted category. The often innocent-looking baked goods, gummies and mints pack a punch thanks to what is known as the first-pass effect.

When consumed orally, delta-9-THC converts to the more potent 11-hydroxy-THC. This is significant, as 11-hydroxy-THC is 5 times more potent than delta-9. That means that the 5mg edible you dose will likely feel closer to 25mg. And that’s not to mention the time it takes to convert – effects are typically felt 1-2 hours after the edible has been consumed.

It’s imperative for users to start low with their dose and wait! Trust us, just because you aren’t feeling effects one hour in doesn’t mean you should consume more. Too much THC from an edible can be an intense experience – that’s why Encore™ Mints are a great place to start.

Encore Edibles

Encore Edibles by Verano was established in Illinois with the goal of providing artisanal level consumables to the cannabis space, beginning with ingredients. Only non-GMO and natural ingredients are used to provide a quality experience for users to truly provide a “taste that elevates.”

Encore Mints

Encore Mints

If you’re looking for discretion from an edible, it doesn’t get more discreet than this. Encore Mints look exactly like a mint. Small, triangular, with little specks akin to those found in Icebreakers, the small-but-mighty marijuana edible provides a punch of flavor. Variety is key, particularly when it comes to flavors, which is why Encore provided four for Mints. Each flavor contains menthol, lending the therapeutic sensation of a cough drop with each dose.

What Are the Flavors Of Encore Marijuana Mints?

Taste is the name of the game when it comes to edibles.

Mints contain little to no cannabis flavor, allowing the all-natural flavoring to shine:

5mg of THC

Green tea

Green Tea
5mg of THC

5mg of THC


Tangerine 1:1 THC/CBD
5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD


These flavors were painstakingly chosen to provide a taste that suits the needs of all users. Wintermint truly gives a refreshing fresh-breath feeling, while the soft taste of Green Tea lends a feeling of Zen to the dose. Wildberry is a fruity take on mints, while Tangerine sings with notes of cream and citrus. Popping any one of the four flavors is an experience like no other – your mouth immediately begins to salivate, breaking down the beneficial cannabinoids through sublingual activation.

Why Cannabis Mints?

Mints were added to Encore Edibles for a few reasons – all with the consumer in mind. First and foremost, the Mints provide a microdose.

Microdosing allows accessibility for all levels of users, experienced or not. This method of consumption is ingesting a small amount of cannabinoids consistently throughout the day, with little cerebral impairment. And, thanks to the sublingual delivery method, Mints may mitigate the first-pass effect when consumed like a traditional mint (no chewing!). Mints are also the ultimate discretionary item. Users can discreetly dose as-needed, wherever.

Reported Effects

According to user reviews, Encore Mints provide relaxing effects, easing the mind and providing relief.

As one user describes, Mints are:

“Very minty. Makes your breath feel like you just brushed your teeth. I enjoyed it though. It’s nice to take a couple after lunch or somethin then just chill out. Or take a few in the morning to boost your mood throughout the day.”

FAQs About Marijuana Mints

When it comes to deciding what to ingest in your body, there will always be questions! Here are a few of the most frequently asked about Encore Mints:

How Many Should I Take?

Dosing is wholly dependent on your level of experience with cannabis. Generally, microdoses do not provide significant cerebral effects. Regardless, for edibles newbies, the Tangerine 1:1 THC/CBD ratio is a great place to start. At the lowest dose of THC per edible, it’s an ideal starting place for someone consuming an edible for the first time. Alternatively, experienced users can take multiple to achieve their desired dose.

If, after 90 minutes, you have not achieved your desired effects, try eating one more and gauging how you feel. We recommend taking notes in a journal or your phone to record the doses you consumed, how you felt, and how long it took to feel effects.

What is the Onset Time of Effects?

This one is tricky. Methods such as inhalation provide immediate onset of effects consistently, whereas with edibles, as mentioned earlier, they can take an hour, two or sometimes more.

Thankfully, the sublingual activation of mints may cut the onset time in half, and even mitigate that pesky first-pass effect! Sucking on the mint sublingually allows the cannabinoids to penetrate the bloodstream via the thin membrane under the tongue. Just be sure not to chew!

Are They Strain-Specific?

Encore Mints do not contain terpenes, therefore they are not strain specific. But don’t fret! THC and CBD alone provide a host of therapeutic properties, including pain relief, anti-anxiety benefits and more.

Will We See Other Types of Encore Edibles?

Encore Edibles

Think of 2021 as the year of the Encore Edible at the Phoenix MÜV Dispensary. The brand meets the high bar at our dispensary, providing a quality option for Arizonans in a range of dosing options. Mints are just the beginning – chocolatier-inspired chocolates and fruit-forward hard candies will hit shelves later this year.

While you wait for the encore of Encore Edibles, shop for our new 100 mg Mints today!

Sarah M. Gorbutt

Sarah M. Gorbutt

Marketing Coordinator at MÜV Dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up in a Conservative home I had learned about the scary drug, Marijuana or more commonly, Weed. I grew up and saw how NOT-scary Cannabis really is. My passion for the industry grew after witnessing the power of Cannabis and all its healing properties in myself and my family. I saw my brother’s withdrawal symptoms lessen, my grandmother was able to use her hands again, my anxiety was finally manageable; I even saw Cannabis Products shrink friends’ tumors. I stopped taking all of my SSRI medications, and I realized I wanted to be a part of whatever this was. I began working with this miracle plant on a friend’s farm in the mountains of Oregon with my brother; learning the basics. When I came back to Arizona, I was able to find a home at MÜV Dispensary only 2 months after opening. Since then, I have been learning about every facet of Cannabis as an alternative medicine. In my early days at MÜV, I had enough time at home to search for any articles or credible science journal that even mentioned MMJ. I felt this way I could answer any question a patient had or help whoever asked. Through testing products, studying the credible research that is available, doing my own research, and asking others for their experiences, I have been able to better understand Cannabis and all its quirks. But there is always more to learn!

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